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The King Abdullah Scholarship Program

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The King Abdullah Scholarship Program (KASP) was created in 2005 as a way to establish sustainable human resources in the Saudi Arabian Kingdom. Since its inception, scholarship students from Saudi Arabia have been sent around the world to study degree programs in diverse areas of specialization. In 2013 the scholarship program was renewed until 2020.
As the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education’s representative in Canada, the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau (SACB) manages the administration for the King Abdullah Scholarship Program (KASP).
About the Scholarship
  • Masters students will be funded for up to two years and doctoral students will be funded for up to four years.
  • Students sponsored by the Bureau are not eligible for University of Calgary internal awards and may not be eligible for some external awards. Please consult the Faculty of Graduate Studies before applying for other awards.
  • Students who have not achieved the required level of English proficiency for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies maybe considered for conditional admission
KASP includes
  • Coverage of tuition for academic programs
  • A monthly stipend to cover living expense
  • Health insurance for students and their dependents
  • Bench fees ($5,000/Masters and $10,000/PhD) to graduate supervisor to help cover the costs of consumable materials used for research.
Application and Selection Processes
In order to apply for a King Abdullah Scholarship, a student must contact the Bureau first. The Bureau will provide applications of pre-sponsored students to the Faculty of Graduate Studies who will connect with the departments/programs for application reviews. The departments/programs will make their admission decisions according to the Faculty of Graduate Studies’ application and admission procedures.
  • Contact the Bureau to initiate the scholarship application
  • The Bureau will forward pre-screened applications to Faculty of Graduate Studies for evaluation
  • FGS, in consultation with the departments/programs, review the applications
  • Upon review, qualified applicants will be invited to submit a full application through the online application system
  • A conditional acceptance letter will be issued from the departments/programs
  • Once a scholarship has been confirmed by the Bureau, the student will be admitted to the program
For Faculty
Faculty members, program directors and administrators, please contact Safia NathooManager, Admissions and Records, if you have any questions regarding this program.